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Scholastic has had a writing contest... which... I would post a link for, but I can't find the website... Anyway, long story short I applied for it. Science fiction! I wrote and finished the story today, the day it was supposed to be postmarked, yeah. No surprises there. I procrastinate like crazy. CRAZY. The minimum amount of words it could have was 600, and, you'll like this, I had 601 words. Aw yeah.

My English teacher did not seem too happy with me, but he never is, so no harm. We call him 'Master Graham' as in 'Jedi Master Graham' not master as in slavery, though that might also be fitting on occasion.

The story was about a guy named Edgar, guarding over a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, that soon goes inside the warehouse to find... what does he find?! I'm not telling until I find out what Scholastic thinks about it. Whoo. I'm bad at summaries. Bad me.

Well, this journal entry was about 10 levels of pointless.

Go home and drink some tea you faggots.
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