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The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Ptolemy's Gate (book 3)

It's a relief to say that I finally finished this. Not because it was bad by any means (quite the contrary actually) but because at the same time I was busy reading Malcolm X for school. I'm still not done reading X. So no reviews for that. Pffht.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy (somebody needs to tell me how to pronounce that. I've been saying it Bar-ta-may-us, but I'm most likely wrong and it's disconcerting to be talking about it with someone and not knowing if it's right or not) is a trilogy of books that have been coming out at a steady rate, and that I have been picking up on my many treks to B&N. I plucked it off the shelf in a mild interest; however, as soon as I began the first book it was something that I would never cease to adore.

To brief the general storyline: Bartimaeus is a demon summoned from the 'Other Place' by Nathaniel - a slowly prospering magician. Sound boring and irritatingly un-unique? I thought so too. And then I read the books and I realized that they are possibly the most unique works I have read in a very long time. The author uses Bart (let's just call him Bart. So much easier to type out.) as the main character, creating a 1st person point of view as Bart leaves humorous footnotes about the text and more commonly, his thoughts. The story switches back and forth between characters. Starting a new chapter and leaving Bart behind, then following around Nathaniel.

Book 3 ended the trilogy remarkably well, leaving me feeling satisfied and not curious as to what happened to so-and-so, or whether or not this-thing-I-was-wondering-about-took-place.

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