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Yesterday we started new classes. Trying to make small talk with the girl across from me, I asked her if she played any games.

"San Andreas."

She answers. I'm thinking, okay, don't own it but at least we have something to talk about now.

"Is that still only for Playstation?"

"It's not Playstation it's Playstation 2."

"Does it really make that much of a difference that I said PS instead of PS2?"


"Fine, is Grand Theft Auto still only on PS2?"

"No, it's on xbox now too."

For some reason it irritates me that people feel the need to correct you if you don't add that little '2' to the end of Playstation. If they called the 360 XBox 2 we wouldn't call it that, we'd just say 'XBox.' XBox 2 sounds gay.

I guess I'm just not a morning person. This didn't really bother me yesterday night. Now I'm all flustered and annoyed.
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